Do you have your library card?

Here at PEPL we’ve had a three-month long drive to encourage patrons to bring their library card to every visit.  As a staff, we had become somewhat complacent about checking items out to people without their card.  Needless to say we are human and thus capable of making mistakes and from time to time an item would be checked out erroneously.  I’m pleased that we have had such a high rate of compliancy this week when the policy took effect making a card mandatory for any checkouts.  A few die-hards are resistant to bring their card along and for those folks I ask, “Do you go shopping without your credit card, debit card or cash?”  By simply presenting your library card, you have access to well over 20,000 physical items.  Well worth it!


Dallas’ Donuts

Happy Birthday Dallas!  Who is Dallas you ask?  Why he is our CEO’s husband and today is his birthday.  Dallas is celebrating with delicious DeBrodnik’s Donuts and the PEPL staff is so fortunate to get in on this sweet treat.  Life is good surrounded by books and donuts.

Let the journey begin…

The public library is a world of wonder, not only for patrons but for staff as well.  Our lives are richer and fuller and our spirits are usually buoyed by the daily interactions with the public.  No two days are ever the same and I defy any co-worker to dispute the feelings of glee on the day the new books are delivered.  Those days always feel like Christmas morning!