Taking Book Titles literally…

Hmmmm……looks like someone was eating our copy of “The Tooth Book”.  Maybe we can harvest some DNA from the teeth marks and track down the culprit! Image result for laughing emoji



Don’t forget to Vote in our Municipal Election!

Did you know that in Ontario, public libraries are primarily funded by their local government?  That is one reason why it is so important to vote to ensure good stewardship of your tax dollars.  If you’re undecided on a candidate, check out an All Candidates Night in Shakespeare, Rostock or Milverton.


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I work with people who hate spiders…

Several co-workers have a huge aversion to spiders (a shriek was heard not fifteen minutes ago as a wee black spider crossed the room).  Not having such an aversion, I have sometimes taken on the roll of spider-trapper.  I’d like to say I then release them back into their natural habitat but, ummmm….nope.

Since the Brady Bunch vacationed in Hawaii back in the 1970s that has always been a dream destination for me.  Who can forget the curse of bad luck they experienced and the tarantula making its way across Peter Brady in bed.  I was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii this year and they do indeed have some big spiders there.

Antarctica is the only continent without a spider population.  This is good though because spiders eat insects which is beneficial for crop protection. Don’t hate on spiders–we need them!

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs…or is it?

Have you heard the saying “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”?  So true!  I was thinking how decadent it would be to lie in bed with a good book listening to the rain hit the window as a big rain storm passed through.  I hadn’t had a chance to decide on which book I would curl up with when the sun came out and dried up all the rain.  So now I will dream about sitting on the porch with the sun on my face while I crack open my new selection…wait–is that thunder I hear in the distance?  Oh boy.

Do you have your library card?

Here at PEPL we’ve had a three-month long drive to encourage patrons to bring their library card to every visit.  As a staff, we had become somewhat complacent about checking items out to people without their card.  Needless to say we are human and thus capable of making mistakes and from time to time an item would be checked out erroneously.  I’m pleased that we have had such a high rate of compliancy this week when the policy took effect making a card mandatory for any checkouts.  A few die-hards are resistant to bring their card along and for those folks I ask, “Do you go shopping without your credit card, debit card or cash?”  By simply presenting your library card, you have access to well over 20,000 physical items.  Well worth it!